(SAT) This AM we had a charter for Rob and his friends for a day of Togging and the fishing was excellent. It took a few minutes to get them balled up under the boat but once they did it was non stop action to we left. I have no idea how many but it was fast fishing no time for counting when fish are chewing. We decided to try another area just to see if there was life but only picked away at a few keepers there. Everyone kept their one a man and it was C& R all day with some quality units coming up.

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(sun) Today we had a charter for Pete and his friends for a day of Togging and porgys and once again the fishing was excellent. We started off on the Tog grounds and it took about ten minutesto get them going but once they started they did not stop until we pulled the hooks a few hours later. At times we had two to four on at at a time. Everyone kept their one and played C& R to we went to the porgy bottom. The first drop for porgys was not good a few small ones and some quality Sea Bass that were released, so we took a steam and found them. It was up and down porgy fishing as quick as you could pull them singles and doubles and the coolers filled up quickly.

We will be fishing this fri thru sun for tog& porgys still have room from NJ , also we will be going back to Brooklyn next monday for the NY Tog season and will return to NJ on Nov 15th for the Tog season. We still have some dates open for both locations. The tog schedule is up on our facebook page ladymcharters