SAT) Today we ran our marathon mudhole trip and the fishing was picky for us. We hit a lot of drops ranging from 100 to over 200 ft and it did not seem to make much of a difference. The guys did manage to pick and pluck away for a mixed bag of Ling and Sea Bass and a few 4 spots. By day’s end some guys had around 20 ling plus their limit of Sea Bass which is a joke.

(SUN) Today we had a charter for Jim and his buddies for a mudhole trip but told them yesterday was picky and asked them if they wanted to try a new game plan and they agreed. I decided we would start off on the porgy grounds and the fishing was very good up and down singles and doubles as quick as you can pull them. The boy’s in a little over a hour had plenty of nice size porgys up to 15 inches, so we switched gears to Sea Bass and got our quick limit with them with a bonus of eight triggers. We also had a Tog that was released and a keeper Weakfish too. The charter wanted to finish up with some Ling so we went to the deep and picked away at them and added another 40 to the cooler with some jumbo Bergalls, overall a good day with a nice mixed bag.

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7-23 we will be running an open boat mixed bag trip this sunday