(monday) This A.M we ran a charter for Jeff and his buddies for a day of Togging, we hit three drops for the day with life on all the pieces. We fished depths from 50 to 75 ft and the shallower pieces were better. Some of the Tog were off on the color, not sure if it was from the blow the day before or the water temperature dropping or both. We picked and plucked all day with keepers and a lot of short action, most of the shorts just missed the mark real heartbreakers. The weather was a little nasty in the A.M with the cold and a stiff wind but by day’s end it was nice,it was the first day we made ice. The charter finished up with 23 keepers for
the day.

capt.steve 1-917-822-6770

sailing from highlands n.j
email ladymchartersnj@gmail.com
few open boat spots for sat xmas eve still
sailing till the tog stop biting book now