(JAN 1st) Today we ran an open boat Tog trip and it started off very tough with the first drop producing nothing but Dogs. We got out of there quick and anchored up on piece #2 and picked just a two keepers and a few shorts, oh boy not starting good. Decided to take a gamble and try something different and got anchored up and the fish were coming up at a fast pace. In a hours time we managed 30 keepers to 7 lbs which made up our limit. It is never how you start but how you finish up. Andrew had a triple limit(orl) and everyone else had limits plus (orl). We also released a bunch of other keepers for another day.

(JAN 2ND) This A.M we ran our open boat Tog trip and got anchored up and it was slow there with just a few keepers and plenty of gray hounds. We made a move to a wreck and there was just a few keeps and some short life. The last drop of the day we finally found some Tog that wanted to play.It was not fast but it was a nice pick there of some nice units. Jimmy was high hook today with 7 keeps(orl) and almost everyone on board had at least a limit.