(FRIDAY) This A.M we ran a open boat Tog trip and had a nice pick of fish right away. There were plenty of boxers and a few roasters coming over the rail. When the bite slowed up wanted to try a little deeper and were greeted with a strong current running to the north which i did not like. We got anchored up and the hounds of hell were barking. We stuck it out a little longer but no Tog life for us there. The last drop of the day was good with a very steady amount of keepers coming up. The boat had a easy limit with some guys having double limits (orl).

(SATURDAY) Today was an open boat Tog trip and it was a tough one, we had very tough anchoring conditions. We were either flopping on the anchors or going in circles. These are the days that will make you start talking to yourself, but that is Blackfishing. There was some fish caught but pretty tough, it is hard to put together a catch when you are doing anchor drills. Some guys had 2 to 4 a man and some got the skunk. Anyway that is how the sinker bounces some days.

(SUNDAY) We had Tom and the boys out Today for a day of some Tog fishing.The conditions once again were tough in the A.M with the boat not sitting still. We just picked a few fish on each drop. The wind came up a little later in the day and we were able to sit tight on the hooks and picked some more keepers and shorts to finish up the day. The charter only finished up with 14 keepers for the day, it was another tough day.

(MONDAY) This A.M we ran our open boat Tog trip and the fishing was excellent today for some on the boat and not so great for others. The life was great with fish coming up steady. John was absolutely on fire today catching 24 keepers (orl) and everyone else had fish too. By days end we had our 6 man limit and released some more for another day.