Month: July 2018


Lady M Charters 🎣⚓️ Highlands, NJ (SUN) Today we had an open boat Fluke trip and it started off very slow the first few areas we tried just a few shorts came up. We took a ride and on the

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Lady M Charters 🎣 Highlands, NJ FRIDAY OPEN BOAT MIXED BAG! Today we ran our open boat bottom mixed bag trip. At the beginning of the day the current was pretty strong so we had to anchor up. A quick

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mudhole ling fishing

Lady M Charters 🇺🇸⚓️ Highlands, NJ First Mudhole Madness!!! 🎣 Today we ran our first mudhole trip of the season and it was on!!! NON-STOP action from the first drop to the last drop with quality size ling coming over

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