SAT) Today we ran our open boat Fluke trip and the fishing was good from start to finish. We had non stop action all day with keepers and shorts coming over the rails. We even had a few fish on a time, it is nice to see the fish finally wake up in August. The boy’s finished with a 8 man limit plus a few Sea Bass. Eric had 6 keepers and Ned had 5 (orl) and everyone at least there limit.



(sun) This AM we had another open boat Fluke trip and couldnt wait to get back out to the grounds where we caught them. In the AM we woke up to a nice stiff breeze and there was no way we were getting to that area with that wind. We decided for option B where we would be more protected. The first drift we saw a keeper or two plus some shorts. We stuck it out there for a while with just some more shorts and keeper, it was time now to look for some better fishing but actually got worse for us. Anyway some days that is the way the sinker bounces and tomorrow is another day.

open boat this fri & sat some spots remain

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