November 2016


Today we ran an open boat Tog trip with some regulars and a few new guys. The first drop we had a few keepers and some short life and it was not fast enough so we moved on to drop number two. The second drop was slow just a few more keepers and shorts nothing special so here we go again. The wind has now… Read More »TOG ARE BITING

good togging

This A.M we ran an open boat Tog trip and had to make several drops to put a catch together. The first drop we got a quick handful of keepers and then it died,so we took a steam to another piece but that was no good either just a keeper and some shorts. The next two drops were slow as well, the clock is ticking… Read More »good togging


SAT) Today we hosted a charter for Neil and his friends for some Togging.It was one stop shopping for us as the fish came in shots all day.It started off with just a few bites and shorts then turned into a nice pick for the rest of the day. The fish ranged from keepers to 7 lbs and were caught on whites and greens. Steve… Read More »GOOD TOG BITE


Thursday) This A.M we ran a open boat Tog trip and it started off a bit slow. We hit two drops in the A.M with just a few keepers and some shorts and could not get any good chew. It is getting late now and some of the guy’s had to get in early so we made one more drop for the day. It took… Read More »TOG


Today we ran a charter for Andrew and his buddies for a day of Togging. We got set up on the first drop and it only took a few minutes to get them interested and then the fish came in shots. Andrew had the hot hand catching at least a double limit. The boys finished up with a full boat limit of nice Tog for… Read More »BACK ON THE TOG


(sat) Today we ran our open boat Tog trip from Brooklyn and hit a few wrecks and rockpiles. It was was a tough pick with just a few everywhere we went. The life was not good for us and even the shorts were very short. There was two guy’s who limited and down from there. (sun& mon) This report is a combo for the last… Read More »SLOW TOG

Tog are biting

Today we had a charter for Steve and the boy’s for a day of Togging and we sailed from Brooklyn. The first drop we had just a few keepers and fair short life, it was not fast enough so we made a move and it was the right decision. It took a few minutes to get them to chew but once they did they bit… Read More »Tog are biting