December 2015


Today we ran a charter for Mr.Kim and the boy’s for a day of Togging. We made our way down the dock and could barley see the boa,t anyway made our way out to the grounds and got anchored up and started to pick away at nice keepers and shorts. The anchoring conditions sucked with no wind and lack of current plus the heave. When… Read More »XMAS TOG


This A.M was an open boat Tog trip and the fishing was excellent for some and ok for others. On the first drop Andrew had his limit in an hour and few other guys were picking at them. When the bite slowed we made a move and that was it for the day with fish coming up steady. Jay was beating on them and wound… Read More »GOOD TOGGING


We ran an open boat Tog trip with just a few guys and the first drop was good for some with James getting 8 keepers in a hour (orl). A few other guys picked away there as well with plenty of short life. The second drop was a total bust for us and the third drop had a pick of keepers and shorts with Andrew… Read More »TOG


This A.M we ran our open boat Tog trip and the fishing was good with life all day long. Even with the crappy forecast the boys wanted to go, so off we went to drop #1 which had a quick blast of keepers and loads of shorts. We were not happy there made drop number two and stayed there to we boxed up our five… Read More »GOOD TOG BITE


This A.M we ran an open boat Tog trip and the fishing was slow on the first two drops. The third drop we had a very steady pick of nice size units coming up plus a nice keeper Cod. Danny also had a nice double header keepers on this one. The last drop we had a quick blast of nice keepers then it slowed up… Read More »TOG & COD


(SAT) This A.M we had our regulars out on the open boat and the fishing was very good. Jimmy started off the day right with a nice 9 lber, it was his day today he wound up with a double limit (orl). We made two drops for the day with good life on each, it was a very steady pick all day long. Andrew also… Read More »TOG


Today we ran an open boat Tog trip and went right back to where we caught them very good the day before. We got anchored up and picked a few there with some shorts but not enough life to stick it out. Decided to roll the dice and hit something to the South but was slow with some shorts and a keeper or two. It… Read More »TOG


Today we ran open boat Tog trip and it was one stop shopping. As soon as we hit bottom the fish were chewing. We had steady life all day with keepers and shorts coming up with one lull around the slack. Billy and Steve were HH today with 15 plus keepers each (Orl). By days end we had our full boat limit with Tog up… Read More »SUPER TOGGGING


oday we ran an open boat Tog trip and the conditions in the A.M were tough with the boat getting pushed up on the anchors. We did manage to pick away at keepers even with tough conditions. When the wind came on we were able to sit nice and pick away for the rest of the day. Rocco was high hook today with ten keepers… Read More »TOG


(FRIDAY) This A.M we ran a open boat Tog trip and had a nice pick of fish right away. There were plenty of boxers and a few roasters coming over the rail. When the bite slowed up wanted to try a little deeper and were greeted with a strong current running to the north which i did not like. We got anchored up and the… Read More »TOG