November 2015


Today’s charter for Frank and the boy’s was for some Tog fishing and made two drops for the day with a good pick on both. The keepers were coming up at a good clip on the first drop with a few on a time. The second drop was good with a nice pick coming up and Frankie was hot and could do no wrong. The… Read More »FULL BOAT LIMIT OF TOG


Today we hosted a charter for Garett and the boys for some Tog action. The A.M was a little tough due to poor anchoring conditions but we managed to pick and pluck. When the conditions improved a touch and we were able to sit on the drop we had a pick going for the rest of the day. We had a full boat limit of… Read More »FULL BOAT LIMIT TOG


Today we had a charter for Andrew and the boys for a day of Togging and it was one stop shopping for our 8 man limit. It started off a little slow with mostly shorts coming up but that changed quickly. The bigger fish started to chew good with several fish on a time for a while. In just a few hours we had a… Read More »GOOD TOGGING


(SAT) Today we had charter for Garret and his friends for a day of Tog fishing and the A.M it was a slow pick but by midday the fishing improved big time. The fish were coming in shots with a few on at a time with keepers and shorts. Garret and Alonso were doing very well with limits plus (orl). By day’s end the charter… Read More »GOOD TOG BITE


SUN) Today we ran a open boat Tog trip and the A.M was slow with just a few fish coming up. We made a move to the north and the fishing got much better with a nice pick of keepers and shorts coming over the rail. The last drop was very good for us with a few fish on a time with keepers and shorts.… Read More »TOG


(Thursday) Today we had a charter for Alex and the boy’s from PA for a day of Togging. Once again in the A.M the conditions were lousy with tough anchoring conditions. We picked and plucked throughout the day with keepers and shorts coming up. Alex had 8 N.Y keepers today plus a lot of N.J keepers which we will be able to keep another ten… Read More »TOG


Today Capt.Cliff ran the open boat and it started off very slow due to no conditions once again there was a lack of wind and current. When things straightened out the fish started to chew. We only had a few keepers by noon but by day’s end we had a full boat limit. There was also super short action with a lot of 15 inch… Read More »GOOD TOG FISHING


(SAT) Today we ran an open boat Tog trip and the A.M was tough , we had no anchoring conditions at all. We were on the bottom and a minute later the boat was off of it. After enough anchor drills, we went to very big bottom and swung around and picked away at keepers and shorts. Willy was HH today with 6 keepers (orl)… Read More »TOG TO 14 LBS