October 2015

Big tog

Today we ran an open boat Tog trip and we had a nice pick of fish throughout the day. We started off again on the reef and picked away at the keepers for a while then it shut down. Capt. Cliff decided to go at a little wreck he likes for big units and he found what he wanted. We had some nice units on… Read More »Big tog


Saturday) Today we had a charter for Frankie and the boy’s for Tog. We fished the reef and stayed on one drop all day with a pick all day. We had shots of fish throughout the day with keepers and shorts coming up. By day’s end the charter was just two shy of their limit. (SUNDAY) Today we ran an open boat Tog trip and… Read More »TOG


(SAT) Today we had a charter for Garett and the boys for a day of Tog fishing and unfortunately we got off of the dock late and when we got to the grounds it was a floating city. We could not get the drop we wanted and had to anchor on another drop and it was slow. We made a few more drops for the… Read More »TOG TO 10 LBS


(THURSDAY) Today we ran an open boat Tog trip and hit two drops for the day, the first one had a pick with some quality units on it. We also broke off some large units as well on this one, when it died out we went to drop # two and we had life as soon as the baits hit the bottom. We managed a… Read More »INSANE TOG BITE


Today we ran an open boat Tog trip and the fishing was good again, we had big Tog up to 11 lbs. We did not have the drop and reel fishing we had yesterday but a very good steady pick today with much bigger fish. Danny was on fire today catching a three man limit of Tog 16 INCHES or better including a 9 and… Read More »BIG TOG


Today we had a charter for the boys from O.D.M. rod company for some Tog fishing. The fishing was excellent today and it was one stop shopping. It took about ten minutes to get them started but once they did it did not stop till we picked the hooks several hours later. The life was great today and we did not need to wait long… Read More »EXCELLENT TOG FISHING


We still have spots open for the opening day OCT 22ND for sea bass from sea bright N.J The 23rd and 24 th are full already. Also for the guys who want to get in on some Tog fishing before N.J open’s up with 6 keepers, we will be sailing from Brooklyn N.Y. , we will be able to keep 4 tog per angler. All… Read More »SEA BASS AND TOG UPDATE