July 2015


today we had a split charter for Garret and Danny and their crew for a day of bottom fishing. The first drop was a pick of Ling and a few keeper Cod with a bunch of unwanted conger eels. We made another 3 drops for the day with the same results plus some Sea BASS too. By days end the boys had a cooler full… Read More »COD AND LING


Today we had a split charter for Evan and Paulys crew and fished for Sea BASS and there is tons of life but a lot need to be put back. The new 14 inch reg on Sea BASS is a real killer, we are putting back loads of those 13 inch fish which used to be keepers. The boys also had some real nice Ling… Read More »SEA BASS AND LING


SUNDAY) Today we had a charter for Frankie and the boys for a day of Sea Bass fishing. We drifted all day and had very good action most of the day with keepers and shorts coming over the rails. There were some real nice knot heads coming up plus some Ling and a bunch of short Fluke (released). By days end the boys had plenty… Read More »SEA BASS


Today we ran a open boat Sea Bass trip and the fishing was a little tough with the conditions. The South wind and roll did not help us on the drift, it was rock and rolling at times. We did manage to put a catch together and high hook was 12 (orl) and everyone else had a limit or close to it. We sailed today… Read More »SEA BASS

mixed bag

Today we had a charter for Andre and the boys for a day of mixed bag fishing. We started off drifting for some Fluke and picked at the shorts and had 3 keepers in a short time plus some big Sea BASS. Most of the guys did not fish before and wanted some more action so we switched over to bottom fishing. There was a… Read More »mixed bag


Today we ran a open boat Fluke trip and fished the rough bottom and everyone was bucktailing and picked and plucked away. We had good action parts of the day with a few on at a time. There was also some real jumbo Sea Bass as well to fill the buckets. Most guys had 3 keepers and down from there with the biggest one being… Read More »fluke


Today we ran a open boat Fluke trip and the fishing was picky in the A.M. We made several drifts on the hard bottom and just picked a keeper and a short here and there. There was a swell on this A.M which i do not think helped the fishing. As the day went on the heave subsided and the fishing improved. There were some… Read More »FLUKE