May 2015


Today we ran a open boat Sea Bass trip and decided to try a totally different area from our last trip to see if the results would be better. The wrecks had life but no ball of fire, there was a mix of Sea Bass , Cod and big ling plus a few Tog (released). The dogs and conger eels were fierce today. We did… Read More »SEA BASS & COD


Today we had a charter for Ralph and his family for a day of Bass fishing. The last few days were slow with the bait for the Bass so we opted to try trolling parachutes. The first six passes we hooked up Bass but unfortunately they were just a inch or two short. We decided to try another area and were into fish right away… Read More »BASS


Today we had a charter for Eddie and the boys for a day of Bass & Fluke. We started the day off with the Bass tried a few spots no good, made a move marked the fish good but they would not bite for us. Decided to go to plan B and troll the spoons had a nice fish right away then it went cold.… Read More »BASS & FLUKE


Today we ran a open boat Bass trip and it started off slow but when the current changed the fish turned on big time. We had action with Bass and big Blues bending the rods for hours with a few on at a time. By 2 pm the boys put the rods down and called it quits. I am still having problems with the pics,… Read More »BASS & BLUES


Today we ran a open boat Bass trip and the fishing was good if you like Blues. The Blues were out of control today, did not even need to chunk.The Bass did not even get a chance to get to the bait. The yellow eyed demons were swarming the bay.


Today we had a charter for Jim and his co workers for Bass and Blues. As soon we came tight on the anchor the rods were bending immediately. The yellow eyed demons were wild for a while. Capt.Cliff pulled the hook and started in another area and got the Bass going right away, had 5 Bass in the boat quick. We did manage our Striper… Read More »stripers


This is the A.m report from the boat , Capt. Cliff called me and said it was game on from the minute they anchored up. The Bass were coming steady with some Blues as well. All fish were caught on Bunker chunks. They are now in c&r mode now for a while longer and then will go to see if they can get some Flounders.… Read More »EXCELLENT BASS FISHING


We are anchored up in Raritan bay and the fishing was very good this A.M. The bass were chewing hard with sometimes a few on at a time. Rena put one in the boat around 30 lbs. Everyone got a easy limit and then also released a few. There are also some blues as well. The weather is great for tomorrow and have spots available.… Read More »BIG BASS