April 2015


(WED) Today we ran a open boat Tog and Cod trip and the fishing was picky. We hit several pieces in different areas and they just gave up some fish on each. The size of the Tog were no great shakes either today, by the end of the day we some keeper Blacks and about 8 nice keeper Cod. Another nice Sea Bass came up… Read More »TOG & COD


Today we ran a open boat Tog trip and did not know what to expect, it has been a while since we did any bottom fishing.The first wreck had life right away with a few keeper Tog and Cod coming over the rail, when that died out made a few other drops. Most drops had life today except two and the second to last drop… Read More »BIG TOG & COD


We ran a open boat this A.M and put a few fish in the boat early and then it slowed down. Decided to make a move and started getting great readings of Bass and from that point on we were on them steady. We had a few fish on at a time for the next few hours before we called it a day. The pic… Read More »stripers


We will be sailing open boat Bass this Friday through Monday, all bait and tackle is included in the fare ($120). The fishing is improving daily with more keepers and fish are being caught on bunker and clams. SAILING FROM HIGHLANDS NJ CAPT.STEVE 1-917-822-6770 FACEBOOK LADY M FISHING JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST FOR UPCOMING TRIPS STPHNFRMM40@GMAIL.COM JOIN OUR FREQUENT FISHERMAN CLUB, ASK ABOUT DETAILS STARTING… Read More »STRIPER TRIPS


Today we ran a open boat Bass and Flounder trip but got a late start because one guy was late . We anchored up around the top of the tide and had a few small Bass right away and a nice Flounder. When the current ran into the wind the conditions were not the best. We picked some more Bass for the day but none… Read More »STRIPED BASS

lady m update

We will be moving over to our slip on Saturday to Highlands N.J at Bakers marina. We will be sailing open boat daily unless chartered. If you would like to be on our email list (stphnfrmm40@gmail.com) for upcoming special trips like Sea Bass and Fluke marathons. We also will be doing mudhole trips for jumbo ling, Flounders and cod. We will be starting off the… Read More »lady m update